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She smiles gently at his words and leans up, kissing his forehead. “I’m glad.” She hugs him a little bit tighter and rests her forehead against his. “I was really nervous trying to get up the courage to confess to you, I actually didn’t know you liked me, so I was just hoping to not get rejected or laughed at.”

She felt so happy it was like she was going to burst, she cant believe that he, a god, would like someone like her enough to want to date her. But he does, and she’s blushing slightly as she talks.

"I almost laughed," he chuckled, the tips of his ears pretty much inventing a new shade of red. "It’s totally silly for a princess to have feelings for a rascal like me, but hel, I’m not going to complain." His arms pulled her just a little closer. 

"And for someone I like to like me back is just… mind-boggling! That shit doesn’t happen to me!"

~First Meeting~ Closed RP with tricks-and-candy



Yue was close to screaming but she couldn’t do that. So her blasted emotions did the one thing she preferred that no one see in public. She started crying. Ming Chi began to panic. Anytime her charge cried it took hours for her to calm down and today just had to be the day when everything went wrong. And despite everything, Loki was the only god around. Ming Chi climbed the tree and pawed at Loki to get his attention. Loki was the last god that needed to comfort Yue but, Ming Chi wasn’t about to go and find someone else. And if Yue kept crying…Ming Chi didn’t want to even think about what could happen. “MEWR!” she mewled. 

Okay, he didn’t need someone’s annoying crying while he tried to take a nap. Really? 

—Oh, and now the cat (who, by the way, seemed to hate him from the start for absolutely no reason) wanted his help?

"What?" He drawled, glancing to the creature with a pout. "This isn’t my fault. In fact, I tried to help her, but she shot me down before even considering my suggestions.” 

"Loki, I found out they make editable paint! Isn't that neat? Now if I want to make you or others something I can use that instead of risking all of you getting stomach aches!" The little goddess what quite excited to find out humans made such a thing. "we could even paint Brother Apollo orange! I'm sure he'd enjoy that." (Persephone, Korethemaiden)



"Wow, really?" He responded, grinning at the thought. "That would open up a whole bunch of new prank opportunities!" Excited, he hopped to her side and leaned down to her eye-level. "Where can we get some? We need to try it out~!"


She took out a little piece of paper, “It was on this in the art room actually. It says any supplies we need we can order. Editable paint was on the list on what we can order. They have over 100 types of colors and flavors. It’s mostly fruits and chocolate flavors. So we at least wouldn’t have to worry about anything icky like bread.”


She clapped her hands together in excitement. “It sounds like it would be a fun little game too. Maybe I should recommend it to Father as a game for us to play. Like tag with paint or something!”

The Norse deity couldn’t help but reflect her excitement. “I could paint candy and have it taste like candy? That’s awesome~!” He chimed, smiling broadly. “We should get some right away! Who knows what kind of pr—games we could come up with!”



Thor swung his hammer, breaking some of the rocks and attacking the giants chasing Loki. “Just keep running! Don’t look back!” he yelled.

How could he not look back? The last thing he saw before disappearing around the side of the hill was Thor being surrounded and pulverized by giants… all while Loki ran away like a coward. 

No. He had to go back. 

As he sprinted across the rocky terrain, the god managed to pick off each pursuing rock giant one by one, looping back around to where this whole mess began over the course of an hour. He was dismayed to find the area devoid of life—most importantly, Thor’s. Either they smashed him to teeny tiny pieces or carried him off somewhere. Taking note of the trail of pebbles and large footprints leading off toward the valley, he assumed the latter and followed the markings. 

Thor had better be alive and well… or there would be Hel to pay. 

Loki strides up to Ilayda and, with no explanation, leans in to draw a cupcake on her face.



You just don’t go up to a person who’s clearly conscious of their surroundings and try to draw on their face.

Which was not valid for Ilayda because she was either sleeping or playing video games in her free time. It was the second choice at the moment, shame on you if you dare to interrupt her while she’s working on beating a boss.

There was a heavy pause and suggestive silence when she first felt the contact of the pencil. The game was carefully paused and normally porcelain pink eyes which were now dusted with amaranth calmly stared daggers at Loki’s.

A low growl—free of human-like aspects— rose from the depths of her throat.


And to the side ladies and gentlemen, you see a wild Ebonbane about to get in a vicious fight and possibly kill their opponents. They can be very hazardous and unpredictable when they are angry—which doesn’t happen usually, so we advise you to be careful around this species.



The fact he was sitting in silence and not moving a muscle after her counterattack was engrossing. Approximately %10 of her brain felt bothered and distressed by his presence—mainly because that meant he was up to some devilry but %90 of her brain was still focused on Deadpool. It was like having a clingy fly around, she had to look out for it but it was nearly impossible for her to kill it. She didn’t really mind it but…

Deadpool soon took over her thoughts, she was trying not to laugh out loud at the conversations—especially with Logan—and the randomness but it was futile, Snickers and soon laughters escaped one by one and Ilayda understood why she liked to play this game over and over again.

She forgot she had company of course, not to mention she wasn’t aware she had a cupcake drawn on her face, Ilayda hadn’t smacked him across the face for drawing on her face, she had done it because he interrupted her. The way her logic worked was disquieting and complicated, but at least she was still alive.

Though it didn’t help that she had absolutely no idea about the damn cupcake on her cheek.

Soon, Ilayda remembered Loki was sitting there scheming something she couldn’t help but let out a groan—her mind flashing back to her laughing like a child to Deadpool, so embarrassing!—. “You know, the last time someone looked at me like that I ended up in detention for a month so I’m mildly concerned about your relationship with Satan.”

While Ilayda’s game about some funny guy in a black and red bodysuit did amuse him, Loki kept most of his thoughts on the inconceivably important task at hand: getting back at her like the child he was. 

He could draw more pictures, of course, but that would hardly be as fun as, say, turning off the television while she played or, better yet, turning off the console and running away with the power cord. That would be entertaining. 

An eyebrow rose at her query. “Never met him. He tends to keep to himself,” he responded nonchalantly as he casually scooted himself toward the TV. Hmmm, let’s see… Ah! Without preamble, he reached back to flick the Playstation’s power off, tugged its power cord out of its base, yanked it out of the wall, and folded it neatly in his hands before shoving it into his hoodie’s pocket. 

"You know… I don’t like being hit in the face," he stated as he stood. "So I’ll just keep this for a while until you apologize, ‘kay?"

And so the trickster-god made his way to the door. 

tricks-and-candy walked onto the battlefield



"E-Eggplant… What the heck is that…" Yaotl mumbled.


He proceeds to hold one up.

Don’t ask.

tricks-and-candy walked onto the battlefield





"And I’m a God of Fucking Things Up, Eggplant."

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Her eyes shot open when she felt a crushing weight on her form and cold steel pressed against her throat. Once her eyes had adjusted to the darkness she gasped when she saw who had positioned themselves directly above her.

There Loki sat, his shielded by his red hair.”Loki?! What are you doing?!”, she screamed, feeling her throat get closer to the knife. Okay, speaking was a bade idea.

The Norse god said nothing, only flashing his hand out to clamp it over the poor human’s lips. The blade in his hand shifted slightly against her throat, the feeling of cool, sleek metal transitioning to one of sticky, thick warmth. 

Blood already coated the knife. 

"Don’t scream," he choked, tears spilling down his pale cheeks. "Just… just answer me this… Y-you’ve had fun with us, right? Bal, Thor, and I? We… we’ve had a good time a-and made friends… Right?"

Something was terribly, terribly off. 

Oops || chibiarmygeneral


- chibiarmygeneral

After the hours long lecture Thoth had finally let her go and the waves of students finally dissipated for the night. Entering her dorm she cleaned out her kitchen and ate a small snack but anything she had seemed flavorless.

She sighed tapping her finger against the counter. She really didn’t want to be in this room. It had too many memories here and she couldn’t think straight on what to do next. Everyone was worried about their well-being and she was unsure how they should act now. She knew that things were going to be strained but time was slowly running out. “I have a duty to do as a representative…perhaps I should just focus on that but…” Heading to her room she got her necklace and placed it in the back of a drawer in the nightstand. “I do love him…I just want to go back to before…” 

Laying on her bed she covered her face with a pillow letting small tears slip out. She could smell his scent on this pillow from last time. He’s everywhere in this dorm from their time together, all the happy memories just make the reality of the situation hurt more. She just hoped giving him another chance was the right choice.

Sleep evaded Loki for most of the night, which didn’t surprise him in the slightest—a guilty conscience did that. He tossed and turned in the infirmary’s bed, wallowing in self-hatred until his body finally relented and allowed him a few hours of fitful slumber. Memories of he and Hiroko littered his dreams as if his own mind intended to mock him for his mistake, yet when he finally awoke the following morning, the redhead felt… different. 

The guilt lingered, yes, but those memories… those fits of laughter; those lazy mornings curled up together; those passionate kisses in-between classes; those inside jokes always able to induce a giggle or two; those moments of pure happiness without a care in the world… He held them as dearly to his heart as his recollections with Balder. 

And that meant something. 

As if some strange surge of energy pushed him onward, the god threw the blanket off his form and hopped out of bed, only to wince and sit back on the mattress when pain shot through his injured feet. 

Well… he’d have to take it slow, for now, but he had to prove to Hiroko he loved her more than anything in all the realms—no tricks, no lies, no strings attached. 

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A few soft clinking sounds rang out as the chosen bangle was worked over and underneath the other pieces that adorned her wrist. Once it was freed she toss it up to the buyer. The first transaction was complete.

The long fish tail gave a small splash as it changed locations from trailing behind her to laying before. Straightening her back she rose into more of sitting position.  Ash deducted that the transferring to deeper waters would be done through what was called bridal style carrying. Oh, she hoped it was that rather than being slung over the shoulder. Not that she was in a position to complain either way.

Her eyes met up with him as if to tell him he was ready before escaping to the opposite side of the dried up river. Her finned ears also made a point to turn themselves away. She may not have much of a choice on how she gets carried, but she would do her best to ignore the fact it was happening at all.

Catching his new bracelet midair, Loki gave it a closer look, inwardly sighed, and slid it over his wrist. Nobody would ever believe him if he claimed to have gotten the bangle from a mermaid, but a deal’s a deal. 

A slight grimace pulled at his countenance when he leaned down to roll up the legs of his trousers to his knees, the young male not at all amused by the idea of getting himself wet to pick her up—but what did he expect? Mermaid.

Finally ready to go, he took a few steps into the shallow pool and reached out his arms. Okay… how to do this? The fish-lady had already situated herself to be carried bridal-style, so the redhead carefully snaked one arm around her torso with the other hooked beneath her knee—could he call that a knee? Sure. It’s a knee. With a heave, he lifted her out of the water, stumbled backwards, steadied himself on dry land, and took a moment to pause, his eyes widening. 

…And his nose wrinkling. The creature smelled like fish, not that he was particularly surprised. Just… ew. 

"Okay," he huffed, turning to begin their walk along the riverbank with his face angled away from her smelly tail. "I’ll take ya to a deeper spot when I see one. Or just… let me know." 

Old Friends || embersparks13



*Feeling the tap on her chin her head automatically lifted up catching the red head’s eyes* Right that matters the most. *She smiled and watched his gaze wonder around wondering what he was thinking and then let out a laugh hearing it* Yeah, food sounds good about now. *They got up together and holding their treasures made their way to find some food*

The duo spent their evening catching up with one another after finding a quick bite to eat—and, of course, ice cream to nibble on afterwards. They spent much of their time laughing as they once had, and Loki couldn’t help but notice how much… better he felt. Not that he had been down or anything, but reconnecting with someone he thought long gone simply blew his mind. 

A Prank Gone Awry || the-human-representitive


Loki saunters up to Yui and holds out a plain, ordinary, totally-not-filled-with-pranks box.

She assumes its a gift, taking it happily she looks up and gives him the widest smile she could muster,”Thanks Loki! How sweet of you!”

She opens it up, a large cloud of what looked to be purple smoke filed the air instead of his usual pink. Did he mix in some new ingredients?”GAHHH!”

He had indeed mixed in a few new ingredients to make his smoke a little heavier—oh, and licorice flavored! As usual, he cackles at her misfortune and, really, the fact that she didn’t suspect a thing. She should know him well enough by now.

"Got you again~" He hums, skipping over to her side when the smoke begins to clear. 

The Snow Spirit || aldreaoakley


- aldreaoakley

Xing nodded. “A spirit like me isn’t the same rank as a god. Even if I’m one of the most powerful of my kind, I’m still not the same.”

"Nope, doesn’t seem so," Loki murmured, watching as he made his flame dance from one finger to the next. "Still—you shouldn’t have been able to get in here unless Zeus allowed it." Therefore, she must be important somehow, right? Better yet, if she could traverse between this world and the next without a hitch, he would certainly like to have some sort of little connection with her. 

"Say—you hungry?"